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The Coronavirus pandemic, in a very short period of time, has given rise to numerous and marked changes in our lives, disrupting our day-to-day routines to the point of forcing us into confinement for over two months. Moreover, even today we still can't go about our business in the way we used to before the health crisis.

From a sporting point of view, it first prevented us from training and then limited our training, both at individual and collective level and, of course, it has not allowed us, nor does it allow us, neither now nor in the near future, to do one of the things we like the most… Running together, gathering on the starting line with 4,000, 5,000, 7,000 or 10,000 friends, all nervous, excited and enthusiastic about testing ourselves at our favourite distance.
But one thing this virus, this damned virus, has not managed to do, despite the fact we are at a distance, is to prevent us from being united, in contact, sharing our emotions and, of course, sharing our training activities, our achievements and even challenging each other!

The 30th CaixaBank City of Malaga Half Marathon has been postponed to 07 November 2021, but neither this nor the virus will prevent us from organising our own Half Marathon, the 30th CaixaBank City of Malaga Virtual Half Marathon, where everyone will run from home, at their usual training place, along their favourite route.
As such, the Organisers of the CaixaBank City of Malaga Half Marathon hereby invite you to participate in this unique activity, where once the Half Marathon distance has been completed you can share your experience, upload your photos, meet people's challenges, etc, and, above all, tell Covid-19 that it has never been able and will never be able to get us down
What is the 30th CaixaBank City of Malaga Virtual Half Marathon?
It's a way of sharing the experience of running and competing against the participants, safely and in compliance with the legal restrictions due to COVID-19.

It is not classified as a sporting event in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1428/2003 of 21 November, in that it is an unregulated sporting activity in which people participate freely and under their own entire responsibility. The activity is not covered by third-party liability insurance, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 7/2001 of 12 January, or by sports insurance, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 849/1993 of 04 June.
Who can participate?
All those enrolled in the 30th "CaixaBank City of Malaga" Half Marathon are exclusively invited to participate.

All the participants are familiar with and assume the risk of engaging in sporting activity and participate under their sole responsibility. Moreover, each participant declares to have a sufficient level of physical fitness to tackle the activity and undertakes to strictly comply with these regulations.
All participants, on formalising their enrollment, accept these regulations.
How to participate
You need to download the exclusive app (for both IOS and Android) in order to register your activity. Once the app is available (in early October), you will receive an e-mail with a link to enable you to download the app, in addition to a personal code with which to activate it on your mobile phone.
What's the route?
You choose the route. It will be valid provided it is approximately 21,097 metres (half marathon) long.

The route in question will be within the limits established by the competent Government for the prevention of Covid19. Moreover, you are asked to pay particular attention to the safety distance recommended by the Health Authorities.
When can I do it?
You can register your activity from 10 October to 08 December 2020.

Once you have completed the activity you will be able to upload and share comments and photos.
Rewards for your loyalty
You will receive the following rewards for participating in the 30th CaixaBank City of Malaga Virtual Half Marathon:

  • Exclusive enrollment period for the 30th CaixaBank "City of Malaga" Half Marathon, scheduled for 07 November 2021, thus guaranteeing your place.
  • A 5-euro discount on the enrollment fee for the 30th "CaixaBank City of Malaga" 2021 Half Marathon.
  • Your 30th "CaixaBank City of Malaga 2021" Half Marathon T-shirt will be different from those of the other participants; your shirt will reflect your commitment and loyalty.
Prize for your participation.
Once your enrollment has been verified, you will receive the official 30 "CaixaBank – City of Malaga" Half Marathon pack, consisting of a gym bag, t-shirt, vest (the latter for Premium enrollments only) and a finisher's medal.
Cheer up, participate, share your experience and show that the virus has never and will never get you down!
But above all, train responsibly!
Take care!
Malaga, 10 September 2020