Andrés Mérida
Born in Algeciras and with his heart set on the province of Malaga, Andrés Mérida began his artistic career in the 1990s. With an unparalleled career, this artist has had exhibitions in Spain and abroad, showing his works in many cities such as New York, Hong Kong, Dortmund, among others.

For this reason, this 29th Edition of the Malaga Media Marathon expects the participation of this artist. Andrés Mérida, within a technical level, experiments the digital art, combining it with more traditional techniques and incorporating a new expressive resource in his Works, named by himself as "garabatism". This same technique has been used by the artist to represent the poster for this new edition. A fresh look and real image reflecting that moment lived by a runner lives after crossing the finish line. Afterwards, the piece has been digitalized, thus giving the final design to the poster of this Malaga Media Marathon 29th Edition.
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